Beyond Theatre

The Future of Black Theatre Synposium


The symposium will be the first of its kind to be staged in Oxford and will become a yearly part of Kuumba Nia Arts yearly activity plan.   

The Symposium takes the lead from the Eclipse report but rather than to repeat the process, aims to take a step further forward by: 

  • Reminding us of the issues raised in the Eclipse report and highlight areas that still require development. 
  • A signposting event, giving companies and venues the opportunity to inform the delegates of opportunities that are available them, both locally and nationally. 
  • To raise awareness of the history of Black Theatre and seek to begin to address its lack of coverage in Academia 

Each symposium and the conference will be followed by a published report of findings and agreed actions. 

Venue: Oxford Playhouse 11 October 2019

Black Theatre Development Weekends


 "Each one teach one"

The idea behind the weekends is to bring together young performers and established theatre practitioners to support each other and share skills providing access to professional training and tuition. The workshops will act as an educational tool and in a practical and experiential way, teach the participants about the nuances of traditional Black theatre aesthetics. The weekends are designed to act as a springboard for the development of new work and a potential Black theatre youth company

Venue and September 2019 dates to be confirmed 

Black Screen Events


Seeing Ourselves and Our Stories on Screen

 We've screened films from the big names in Black Hollywood, Caribbean and African films, and documentaries, that often don't get a wide distribution. It’s a community initiative, encouraging debate and discussion around the films in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

    We are open to suggestions and invitations to host Black Screen Events. Contact us with your ideas and we'll try to make them happen.

Storytelling and Workshops


 Storytelling and Workshops Sessions 

 We create African-Caribbean story-telling sessions and performances and run a range of creative expressive workshops. Working with schools, organisations/ businesses and community groups. We are currently working with Unlock the Chains Collective on the Nice Cup of Tea and Windrush next generation projects. We are adding new storytelling projects in the Autumn based at the Cornerstone Didcot working with schools and community groups this.

Up coming dates 

Venue: Didcot Arts Centre 

Date: Belonging 18 October 2019 

Monthly Meet ups


One Hand Can't clap
 "When we going to get together as BME Artists when when when!"

 We have finally got around to doing something.

We are proposing monthly meet ups starting from June.  

 Let's network, share practise and try new ideas TOGETHER.  

Being a BME arts practitioner doesn't have to be lonely. Drop us a line or call via our contacts page if you want to get involved. Let's connect and work together.

Date: June 


Cornerstone Theatre 18th October 7.30pm

 What is it like to leave your home and travel across the seas to another land? What do you leave behind? What new things will you find? Can you practice your culture in this new land? Will it be understood, or frowned upon? Will your dreams come true? Will your new home welcome you? 

We all make journeys, be they a few miles or thousands. This vibrant and thoughtful performance was created by members of the public in recognition of Black History Month, with direction from celebrated drama practitioners, Amantha Edmead and Euton Daley. 

Many hands make light work!

Bring your stories, experiences and ideas and we'll share African and Caribbean storytelling techniques with you. Together we'll create a unique and vibrant show and perform it at the Cornerstone on 18th.

Next Workshop October 12th  


Cornerstone Didcot

Workshops are friendly, fun, free and open to all.


We just need you to join us in creating the story and sharing the fun as we find ways in our busy world of Belonging together.