Past Work

Finding Beulah


 Finding Beulah is a love story of many parts the male and the female, the past and the future, African experience and the rest of the world.
We see our lovers reincarnate at key times in human history, bringing to life ancient African civilizations, and sharing life lessons and experiences. We witness them learning how to and fighting to keep love alive in a possible near future. 

On Their Own Ground


 Meet three women whose lives show vision plus action can change anything, Madam C J Walker and the two Mrs Graveys Who  challenged the power structure in a post slavery world. An uplifting one woman show. 

June 2016

March 2018

August 2018

The Backside Monologues


 Celebrating big bottom women everywhere, one woman show fusing storytelling , comedy, movement and song.   

Version 1 2009

Version 2 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Waters Flight


 Waters Flight marked the transformation of the Pegasus. Theatre with a devised ritual using African cultural forms of storytelling, dance, song and call and response.   September 2010 



 A love story set against a backdrop of the fall of the last great West African empire before colonialism and enslavement took hold of the continent.   

July 2009

Politics of Love


 Fusing dance and theatre to the rhythms and music of the spoken word. Written and performed by Euton Daley.

March 2015