Winner of Best Ensemble Edinburgh Fringe 2019

One ***** 5 star reivew

Two **** 4 star reviews

Nominated for Best Musical Theatre play 

the SOLD's Edinburgh Fringe 2019 journey


Oxford Playhouse partnership makes Edinburgh a reality

Kuumba Nia Arts and Unlock the Chains Collective are excited by this great opportunity for SOLD to reach a national and international audience. With the help and support of the Oxford Playhouse we are doing a full Edinburgh fringe run .  

We are at: The Attic - Pleasance Courtyard 

July 31 to August 25 (Not 12 or 19) 

12.45 (13.35)

Venue 33 

July 28th SOLD Team arrive in Edinburgh

We are here, tired but excited to see the venue, space hunt down our posters and begin this journey! We are at the Pleasance Court Yard Yea! And are lucky enough to be sharing a living space with the Oxford Playhouse team and Doug Crossley. Fingers toes and everything crossed that Edinburgh is ready for SOLD!

31st July First preview of SOLD

Our first show and the audience loved it. They get the piece and are moved by it. Lots of people complimenting the performances and the style form of the piece. People are 'Totally sold on SOLD'.

SOLD Team meet Sir Geoff Palmer

This was one of the many highlights our Edinburgh experience Sir Geoff Palmer came and saw the SOLD, stayed for the Sit Up Q&A and then took the company out for food! Sir Geoff is an esteemed Academic, Scholar and Scientist and is a champion of sharing knowledge of Scotland's links to chattel Slavery and the slave trade. He is also working for reparations. A perfect mix with the content of SOLD and the impact we hope the play can have.  Just a wonderful day and a beautiful man.

SOLD goes from strength to strength

Audience feedback has been captured on film (thank you John), we are getting standing ovations people are sharing their thoughts at Sit up's and when they see us out and about . People are being touched and moved by the work... audience feedback

'So powerful. It was like this drum beat that was pulsing through everyone'

'Moves seamless between the music, the story, the history' 

' Incredibly powerful, thought-provoking, moving, funny – all rolled into one with a lot of history packed in'  

The reviews come in

We are illated with our 1st 5 star review

 “Every so often there is a piece that touches the soul. SOLD is one such show” Nominee for Music Theatre Award. Music Theatre Review. Edfinge 2019 

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Thrilled with our 4 star review

 “Harrowing piece of physical theatre... Edmead is sensational”The List. Edfinge 2019 

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Joyous with our 4 star review

 “Urgent piece of theatre...hard hitting but ultimately uplifting ” The Review Hub. Edfinge 2019 

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25th August Final performance of SOLD and we win the Best Ensemble award!!

Tears, speechlessness and happy surprise. A perfect way to end Edinburgh.

This month has been hard work and joy. Much love and thanks to all the team who made this all possible,  Amra and I winning best ensemble and there are only two of us? Euton's direction and our combined energies would have to be magic to pull that off... and and pull it off we did :0)

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Journey through Film

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