A Rehearsed Reading 

The Balmyard is a re-imagined classic of Black British Theatre currently in development. Written and Directed by Internationally acclaimed writer and Director Don Kinch the Balmyard depicts life in a Caribbean “free village” whose inhabitants choose to live untainted by the materialism of the world around them and in perfect veneration and union with the natural and the supernatural. But when a tragedy befalls Celia the promise of the future, their very existence is threatened and the villagers must consult the ancestral spirits in order to secure their very survival.

The Burton Taylor Studio

Beaumont Street

September 20th - 21st  


All tickets £5 

 “Mr. Kinch's story deals with political corruption and betrayal, the play is still essentially a jubilant celebration of cultural roots.” The New York Times March 1991 

Behind the scenes

A sneak peak into rehearsals as cast get to grips with the script.